Top Paying IT Careers

With IT unemployment below three percent, companies are adjusting their compensation packages to attract new talent and retain their best and brightest. Those working in particular positions within the IT employment landscape may be enjoying some of the highest pay rates available. Whether you are currently working in an IT job or will be pursuing it in the future, here are some of the most lucrative positions within the IT career field.

Senior Software Engineers

Requiring a combination of education and associated experience, senior software engineers are responsible for coding a variety of programs, applications, and interfaces. They may work on programs designed for the public, or perform a support role within an enterprise system. Regardless of the environment, those working in senior software engineering positions enjoy a national median salary of $97,355. Software engineers that reach management positions can often expect a six figure salary.

Those without the experience required to work as a senior software engineer also enjoy one of the highest paying positions available. Software engineers working in entry-level or mid-level positions can see wages in the neighborhood of $81,397 based on the national median salary.

IT Project Managers

Project managers are in demand across a variety of industries. Professionals working in the field must have excellent organizational skills and a thorough understanding of the field in which they are providing services. Interpersonal skills are also critical to ensure all project members are well coordinated. Those who specialize in IT project management can expect a national median salary of $84,118.

IT Consultants

With a national median salary of $75,009, IT consultants are also in high demand across many sectors. IT consultants help businesses use their current IT infrastructure more efficiently, and assist in determining solutions to critical problems within the organization. A broad knowledge base of software, hardware, and cloud solutions are necessary to perform well in the field.

Software Developers

Software developers focus on the creation of computer applications that help users complete certain tasks on a computing device. Applications may be created from scratch, or current software options may be modified to add new or improve current, functionality. Those who work in the field often spend a notable amount of time working with users or customers to develop solutions based on their specific needs. Software developers enjoy a national median salary of $70,173, while those who reach management positions may see salaries above $132,000.

Network Engineers

Many companies rely on their internal network to complete basic business operations. Network engineers are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of networks within a company or organization. This includes testing to ensure performance needs are met and that security protocols are in place. A familiarity with routers, firewalls, gateways, switches, servers, and other related hardware and software is required to be effective in the field. The national median salary for network engineers is $63,956.

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