Who Is ITStaff?

ITStaff is an information technology services company dedicated to providing high quality and cost-effective contract staffing and contract-to-hire recruiting.

We support the software development life cycle for companies of all sizes by delivering highly-qualified resources, nationwide. When you partner with us, it’s clear pretty fast that we’re not just another vendor looking to provide a lot of warm bodies.

Our mission is to demonstrate that there’s value to old-school staffing and customer service that cannot be garnered through vendor managed services (VMS) that are commonplace today.

We Know What We’re Doing

Our information technology sales and recruiting professionals average over 20 years of technology staffing industry experience. Their knowledge and expertise give them the ability to deliver on the software development life cycle staffing promise and help technical job seekers develop their careers in information technology.

We take that hard-won knowledge and combine it with a thorough understanding of employer requirements and a rigorous vetting process to match organizations with in-demand professionals open to exploring a change in their information technology careers. At the same time, we’re every bit as diligent to find the right opportunity for technical professionals to help them as they look to pick up new skills and technologies.

We Understand Value

We’ve learned (as have our clients and candidates) that true value comes from establishing relationships of trust with a staffing firm that has your success at heart.

Sound like someone you’d like to work with? Give us a call 877-676-7681 or get in touch.


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