How Changing IT Priorities Can Change Your Career


IT professionals are reaping the benefits of low unemployment, and that trend is likely to continue into 2017. But how companies are spending their tech budgets is also shifting, and that will impact employment opportunities for those working in the IT arena.

To help those working in tech jobs prepare for what the future may hold, here are some of the spending trends that identify changing priorities for business management of IT.

Infrastructure Is Out, and the Cloud Is In

While large businesses aren’t going to abandon every major piece of infrastructure in their control, cloud-based solutions are attracting more attention when it comes to budgets and planning. However, smaller and midsize companies may decide to forgo server maintenance, upgrades and replacements in favor of transitioning to a scalable solution that doesn’t require major on-premises equipment installations.

What this change means for the IT community is those whose careers were previously focused on physical infrastructure installation and maintenance may be more limited in their employment choices. As mentioned previously, large enterprises aren’t going to make the switch overnight, and cloud solution providers will need to maintain the equipment necessary to offer the services, but most professionals focused on these areas need to be open to acquiring new skills. That way they will be able to transition smoothly as the changing needs within the industry progress.

The Changing Face of Mobile Technology

When people think of doing business via smartphones, the standard thought is a mobile app is necessary. However, the costs associated with application development and maintenance can be surprisingly high, and the payoff shockingly low. Businesses that do not provide the ability to purchase goods and services through their app (and even some that do) are reconsidering their mobile business approach.

Some organizations are moving away from mobile apps and are focusing on mobile versions of their websites instead. This might increase the demand for capable employees in the web development world while lowering the number of opportunities in mobile development.

However, the same principles behind shifting infrastructure needs are also in play in mobile application development. There are numerous companies whose primary profit-making product is mobile apps. In that regard, developers will remain part of the IT landscape for the foreseeable future, but where they ultimately end up employed might not be the same kind of company for which they work today.

Keeping Pace as an IT Employee

The key to continued success is to remain flexible. Be open to training and educational opportunities that may present themselves along the way, or consider pursuing new options on your own.

Most IT professionals won’t make it through their entire careers without making some small course corrections based on emerging technologies and shifting priorities. By choosing to go with the flow and preparing properly, you can improve your options regarding job opportunities in the future.

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