What are the Most In-Demand Tech Skills of 2017?


In-Demand Tech Skills

If you’ve decided to make 2017 the year you score a new job or land a promotion, then it helps to have the right IT skills to move your career forward. While most tech pros have something to offer, those with this the right skills are especially well positioned in today’s job market. So, if… Read more »

10 Essential Skills the Best IT Project Managers Possess


Project Management

Every job requires a unique combination of skills to be successful, and IT project management is no exception. However, there are certain capabilities that are fairly specific to project manager roles, and possessing them often is considered essential for the work. If you are interested in pursuing a career in IT project management, here are… Read more »

Why Do Data Scientists Have the Best Jobs in America?


Data Scientists Have the Best Jobs in America

Some statistics suggest that data scientists have the best jobs in America. But what about these positions make them such an ideal path for so many? To help see the various benefits of working as a data scientist in today’s job market, consider these key points. Job Satisfaction A big component of being happy in… Read more »

The Most Effective Interview Questions to Ask Automation Engineer Candidates


Automation Engineer Candidates

Running an effective interview is often an exercise in efficiency. You have a limited amount of time to meet with automation engineer candidates, and you have to ensure that all of the critical topics are covered sufficiently. And your primary method for getting the information you need is to make sure you are asking the… Read more »

How Changing IT Priorities Can Change Your Career


  IT professionals are reaping the benefits of low unemployment, and that trend is likely to continue into 2017. But how companies are spending their tech budgets is also shifting, and that will impact employment opportunities for those working in the IT arena. To help those working in tech jobs prepare for what the future… Read more »

Data Engineering: A Growing Niche


  Since the concept of ‘Big Data’ jumped into the mainstream, data scientists have been getting a lot of attention. However, many have failed to see the importance of those that keep that data flowing: data engineers. While having access to the insights data can provide is important, those results cannot be achieved without the… Read more »

Why Building Trust in an Interview Sets Your Company Apart from Your Competition


  Right now, the IT job market strongly favors the job-seeker over the employer. That means companies need to work even harder to get the talent they require. To separate yourself from the competition, it is vital that you make the best impression possible early in the process. Often, this means presenting an ideal picture… Read more »

To Specialize or Go Broad: That is the Programming Language Question


With the number of programming languages available, it can be challenging to determine if you should specialize of go broad. The landscape can change quickly, turning a once in-demand language into yesterday’s news, or shooting a once-forgotten language into the spotlight. Before you finalize your choice in languages, consider the following points. Skilled Developers Can… Read more »

The Most Up-to-Date List of Top-Paying IT Careers


With IT unemployment below three percent, companies are adjusting their compensation packages to attract new talent and retain their best and brightest. Those working in particular positions within the IT employment landscape may be enjoying some of the highest pay rates available. Whether you are currently working in an IT job or will be pursuing… Read more »

How Nervous Should You Be About A.I.?


The idea of lifelike robots entering our daily lives is the stuff science fiction movies are made of. As time has passed, those stories have become more plausible. Now, many have legitimate concerns regarding whether or not artificial intelligence, or A.I., may threaten their livelihoods one day. And that day may be sooner than later…. Read more »