Is Your Company Ready for the Future?


Get Ready for the Future

Change in business is inevitable. But even though that fact is widely recognized, that doesn’t mean all companies are prepared for the future. New technologies are always in development, and existing solutions often see updates and revamps that fundamentally shift how certain activities are managed. Failing to stay apprised of upcoming trends means your organization… Read more »

3 Trends in Product Development Are Changing When CIOs Get Involved


Product Development and CIOs

Product development was once predominately outside of the CIO’s realm of responsibility until the product was near completion. Once the majority of the work was complete, tech teams would begin connecting relevant aspects to internal and external systems based on facilitating sales, managing fulfillment, and providing various levels of support. Now, product development enters the… Read more »

What’s on a CIO’s Agenda for 2017?


CIO Agenda

Often, a CIO’s word is law. That means their agenda is always the guiding force behind new implementations, annual budgets and even project schedules. Understanding the nature of a CIO’s agenda can help provide strategic insight that allows you to adjust your plans accordingly, and may even present unique options for career progression. Transitions related… Read more »

Day-to-Day Project Management is Changing Because of IoT


Project Management is Changing Because of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already begun to alter the business landscape. And, as 2017 gets further underway, it doesn’t look like this trend is changing anytime soon. However, many aren’t prepared how IoT is going to change project management. Previously, project management in IT focused on the development of new solutions, operating outside… Read more »

Are Your Job Candidates a Threat to Your Company’s Security?


Security Threat

The beginning of a New Year is often a busy season for individuals seeking new employment. Often, the impact of resolutions has many people making a leap, and that can make it a great time to find candidates for open positions. Now, a new breed of cybercriminals are taking advantage of this hiring season, and… Read more »

Why Your Company is Missing an Opportunity by Not Recruiting More Women


Recruiting More Women

The benefits of diversity in IT teams are well known, and that means many businesses need to adjust their recruiting techniques to attract the applicants they need to meet diversity goals. One area where many IT departments and organizations struggle is in the successful recruitment of women. And this means it is even more important… Read more »

Why Building Trust in an Interview Sets Your Company Apart from Your Competition


  Right now, the IT job market strongly favors the job-seeker over the employer. That means companies need to work even harder to get the talent they require. To separate yourself from the competition, it is vital that you make the best impression possible early in the process. Often, this means presenting an ideal picture… Read more »

Four Tips to Reduce IT Spending


IT spending is a significant portion of any business’s budget. The costs of maintaining infrastructure and operations can be steep. Factor in the costs of hiring, training and retaining top-tier IT personnel and it can feel like a real challenge to keep the price of doing business down. If you and your business are looking… Read more »

To Specialize or Go Broad: That is the Programming Language Question


With the number of programming languages available, it can be challenging to determine if you should specialize of go broad. The landscape can change quickly, turning a once in-demand language into yesterday’s news, or shooting a once-forgotten language into the spotlight. Before you finalize your choice in languages, consider the following points. Skilled Developers Can… Read more »

Recruiting Tech Employees Is More Intense Than Ever


While most signs of a recovering economy are welcomed with open arms, certain effects can be challenging. As of August 2016, the unemployment rate among technology professionals settled at 2.4 percent. The lack of skilled employees available to fill vacancies has increased the intensity of hiring efforts across the sector. These hiring efforts can lead… Read more »