Building Trust in an Interview


Right now, the IT job market strongly favors the job-seeker over the employer. That means companies need to work even harder to get the talent they require. To separate yourself from the competition, it is vital that you make the best impression possible early in the process. Often, this means presenting an ideal picture of your organization when a candidate comes in for an interview.

By building trust during the evaluation process, you are better positioned to secure the professionals you need to keep operations moving forward. To make sure your process provides a favorable impression, consider the following points.

Make a Connection

Every candidate who applies to a position is looking for something. It could be they see this job as a way to advance their career, get them out of an unpleasant situation, or provides them with the flexibility their current life requires. If they were completely happy where they were at, it is unlikely they would have applied.

They key to making a connection is determining what the applicant is hoping to gain from the position. Often, this requires a level of casual conversation during the interview. Not only can this lower the tension traditionally associated with the interview process, but it also provides you with valuable insights as to why this candidate has arrived at your door.

Focus on Honesty

Yes, it is tempting to sell only the positives about your company of the position, but failing to paint a full picture has negative consequences. Remain open when discussing aspects of the work, especially any relevant business priorities and the nature of tasks that will be completed on a daily basis.

Misleading an applicant can lead to less than favorable word-of-mouth regarding your company. And, thanks to social media, word can spread quickly. Developing a poor reputation amongst IT professionals in the area will only hurt your future efforts, making it even more challenging to find the talent you need.

You also run the risk of hiring a candidate that isn’t as perfect for the position as they may have seemed. If they weren’t made fully aware of what was involved when they accepted the offer of employment, you both might discover that the fit isn’t right. At which point, you are both back to the drawing board.

Maintain Common Courtesy

Whenever you make a promise to a candidate, it is vital you keep it. For example, if you promise to follow up by the end of the week, and fail to do so until the middle of the following week, you are not making the best impression. Candidates may see this as disrespectful and can seriously damage trust.

If the process has been delayed, contact those you interviewed and fill them in. Additionally, if an applicant reaches out to you, always return contact in a reasonable timeframe. Again, this is a simple sign of respect and can go a long way in making a positive impression.

If you want to know more about what you can do to build trust with candidates, speak with the professionals at ITStaff. With over 20 years in the technical staffing industry, they have the knowledge to help your business attract the top talent your business needs to excel.