Day-to-Day Project Management is Changing Because of IoT


Project Management is Changing Because of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already begun to alter the business landscape. And, as 2017 gets further underway, it doesn’t look like this trend is changing anytime soon. However, many aren’t prepared how IoT is going to change project management. Previously, project management in IT focused on the development of new solutions, operating outside… Read more »

Why Your Company is Missing an Opportunity by Not Recruiting More Women


Recruiting More Women

The benefits of diversity in IT teams are well known, and that means many businesses need to adjust their recruiting techniques to attract the applicants they need to meet diversity goals. One area where many IT departments and organizations struggle is in the successful recruitment of women. And this means it is even more important… Read more »

Is Your Software Developer Talent Pipeline Strong Enough for Today’s Candidate-Driven Market?


Software Development Pipeline

As companies begin to shift funding towards locating skilled software developers, and the candidate-driven market makes securing top talent more challenging, recruitment efforts need to change with the times. Gone are the days where simply posting a job vacancy was practically guaranteed to get you the kinds of resumes you need. And this leads more… Read more »

Three Tips to Relieve Anxiety When Delivering Tech Performance Reviews


As we approach the end of the year, many managers are hit with the task of providing performance reviews for their employees. For some supervisors, this idea conjures up feelings of anxiety as they scramble to create a year-end evaluation worth giving. If you want to make sure that the review you provide is relevant… Read more »

The Most Up-to-Date List of Top-Paying IT Careers


With IT unemployment below three percent, companies are adjusting their compensation packages to attract new talent and retain their best and brightest. Those working in particular positions within the IT employment landscape may be enjoying some of the highest pay rates available. Whether you are currently working in an IT job or will be pursuing… Read more »

Retaining Top Tech Talent: The Struggle is Real


As the demand for skilled IT personnel increases, companies struggle to not just find the talent they need, but to retain those they were fortunate enough to employ.  While the demand for IT talent is expected to rise significantly, and unemployment in the sector is relatively low, being able to keep your most valuable employees… Read more »

Tech Unemployment Remains Low. What Does This Mean for Recruitment?


As of May 2016, unemployment in the tech-industry hit 2.0 percent based on the newest date from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  With overall unemployment at 4.7 percent, finding qualified applicants within a shrinking pool of potential employees can be a challenge. In order to meet immediate hiring needs, choosing to hire contract… Read more »

How Recruiters are Really Evaluating Tech Candidates


While the interview will always be part of the applicant selection process, other techniques are often used to help screen out those who may not have the intrinsic qualities that would make them a good fit for a position.  By using unconventional tactics, recruiters are able to gain additional insight into the tech candidates they… Read more »