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As companies begin to shift funding towards locating skilled software developers, and the candidate-driven market makes securing top talent more challenging, recruitment efforts need to change with the times. Gone are the days where simply posting a job vacancy was practically guaranteed to get you the kinds of resumes you need. And this leads more recruiters to pursue potential candidates aggressively, often through cold calling.

But getting the most skilled potential employees to entertain a cold call is difficult in its own right. This fact is more evident in cases where the targeted software developer is unfamiliar with your company, making them more skeptical about the offer. So, how do your fortify your talent pipeline to meet the challenges of today? By taking the road less traveled.

Attract With Intrigue

The most talented software developers are frequently contacted by recruiters hoping to lure them to other businesses. But, what if you could have those candidates come to you instead? It is possible if you take the right approach.

For example, there has been rising interest by companies looking to attract potential tech candidates through the issuing of competitive challenges. While requiring skills tests during the hiring process is fairly common, those steps take place after the developer has decided to participate as a candidate.

Competitive challenges can be issued for their own sake while giving your company the chance to connect with some of the most capable software developers in the market today. Once a developer completes the tasks, simply invite them to hear about future hiring opportunities. If they opt in, you’ve made the initial connection you need to interest them in taking a recruiter’s call.

Be (Selectively) Social

Connecting with potential candidates through social media is common in today’s job market, but it isn’t the only way to reach out to software developers online. Instead of focusing all of your attention on traditional offerings like LinkedIn, dedicate some time to online communities that developers frequent like Stack Overflow.

Often, these forums give programmers the chance to ask questions and supply answers to those in need. Since more people feel fairly comfortable when communicating on these platforms, you may be more likely to get glimpses into a developer’s normal personality. People who willingly and regularly help others online will likely have similar attitudes in the workplace. You can also review their responses to get an idea of the subject areas they are most comfortable with and those of which they are less familiar.

Take the Skill Tests Into Your Company’s Real World

Using skill tests in your screening process is still a wise move, but it only gives you a glimpse into a developer’s abilities when working a scenario on their own. If you want a more realistic idea of a candidate’s skills, consider scheduling time for them to work alongside your current employees.

The approach is part job shadowing and part pop quiz. Your current employees can find out how the person potentially fits in, and you can get information about how they would react to regular workplace activities. Then, you can better determine if the candidate who looks great on paper is also a good fit in reality.

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