In-Demand Tech Skills


If you’ve decided to make 2017 the year you score a new job or land a promotion, then it helps to have the right IT skills to move your career forward. While most tech pros have something to offer, those with this the right skills are especially well positioned in today’s job market. So, if you want to increase your odds of being able to take the next step, here are the most in-demand skills that are practically guaranteed to help you get that critical interview.


When it comes to programming languages, you simply can’t go wrong with Java. It is still one of the most widely used options for back-end operations and e-commerce, making it a staple for a range of businesses. In fact, Java is often considered a required skill for professionals interested in landing coveted software developer and engineer jobs at top are companies. Since Java is so incredibly versatile and can be used on a range of platforms and devices, having this programming language in your skill bank is a smart move.


With big data and analytics still making headlines and web applications remaining strong, Python is another programming language that can open doors for IT professionals. It is a primary language used for data science objectives, making it a requirement for many of these lucrative positions, but can also be popular for workers who want to focus on web-based development.


You would be hard-pressed to find a web developer who doesn’t work with Javascript. This mainstay in the field is one of the easier languages to learn, making it an ideal starting option for those looking to try their hand at programming, but still offers a lot of power in the business world. If the idea of developing for the web appeals to you, then having Javascript under your belt is the key to career success.


A language that once fell out of favor, but is seeing demand increase, is Matlab. With big data being a priority for many companies, Matlab is being used more widely to support these projects. Plus, since it hasn’t been back on the radar for long, professionals who have experience in this area may be able to set themselves apart from the competition with greater ease.


With the relational database playing prominent roles in almost every major business, it’s no wonder that SQL skills remain in high demand. IT pros who have the experience to run queries, create reports, and provide key insights into critical operations can see lucrative opportunities to advance their careers.

If you have some of the skills above or would like the chance to explore positions in these areas, the recruiters at ITStaff can help connect you with local employers looking for workers like you. Contact us to discuss your skills and how they can support the next step in your career.

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