Data Scientists Have the Best Jobs in America


Some statistics suggest that data scientists have the best jobs in America. But what about these positions make them such an ideal path for so many? To help see the various benefits of working as a data scientist in today’s job market, consider these key points.

Job Satisfaction

A big component of being happy in the workplace is job satisfaction, and data scientists are considered some of the most satisfied employees within the IT field. But not everyone understands what goes into being happy with your position, so some clarification is in order.

Often, job satisfaction requires a combination of factors to come together. This includes feeling well equipped to manage assigned tasks, as well as feeling their work provides value to the organization or even the community at large. The fact that the work can present new challenges can also help keep workers engaged and can be a critical component to their overall satisfaction with the work.

Data scientists are likely satisfied based on performing critical roles that help move a business forward due to their efforts. There is also the knowledge of performing tasks that assist in resolving problems for the company and the company’s customers. Knowing that your work makes a difference can provide significant intrinsic value to those looking for more than strong compensation packages.

Additionally, the level of commitment many companies have toward the data science field means they are open to investing in high-quality tools to make a data scientists work possible. Even though many platforms have become more user-friendly over time, that hasn’t eliminated the need for skilled data scientists who can work with raw data effectively. Instead, it has improved how their tasks are completed, and may even remove some of the more tedious aspects of the work entirely.

Further, salaries in this field are also highly competitive, providing extrinsic value to those concerned about maintaining a living. Considering that many working in the field have advanced degrees, knowing that the investment results in higher pay can be a relief.

Employment Opportunities

Data scientists are also positioned well when it comes to finding new employment as well as having a sense of job security. Unemployment among IT professionals is currently lower than the national average, now sitting just below 3 percent. That means skilled tech workers are generally in demand across the sector.

However, data scientists may even receive more benefits from the current landscape, as their specific skills are highly desirable to companies throughout the nation. Data science and analytics are valuable to businesses of all sizes and in most, if not all, industries. This means opportunities abound for those interested in a change of pace or a chance for a promotion. Further, those who enjoy their current duties and work environment are typically pretty secure as long as they meet performance standards.

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