Hadoop is the Secret of IoT


Big data gives businesses a chance to understand their customers in ways they never have before, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new data at unprecedented rates. But data is only valuable if you can leverage it properly. And Hadoop can be the key to big data success.

Hadoop provides a mechanism for sorting through the information collectively referred to as big data. It provides the ability to increase data transfer rates while limiting risks associated with expected system failures and data loss through the use of a hardware-oriented node structure. The sheer capacity of Hadoop makes leveraging large influxes of data related to IoT more manageable in business environments of any size.

However, your organization’s use of Hadoop is only as strong as the strategy behind its implementation. To help make navigating big data easier, here are some tips CIOs can use to improve the strategy behind their solutions.

Avoid Silos

Hadoop is most successful when data is fully accessible. Structural silos restrict data access across the system, making it more difficult to perform a thorough analysis of all of the information being collected. When you are dealing with the quantities of data IoT has the ability to create, anything that prevents the free flow of information throughout the data analytics systems will significantly slow the process, making it harder to leverage data effectively in a rapidly changing informational landscape.

Utilize Automation

CIOs and IT teams alike will appreciate the benefits of automation in big data projects. Automating certain functions increases productivity by increasing the speed at which certain processes complete while eliminating the need for human intervention on routine tasks. This frees your data science professionals to pursue work that actually requires their attention, and can even lower the number of team members that are needed to complete various forms of analysis. Overall, automation has the ability to increase efficiency while lessening the demand placed on your employees.

Plan for Change

Big data analytics is not a fully developed field. Technologies are changing, and new services and solutions become available often. This means you need to build in room for flexibility and adaptation over time, allowing you to implement new solutions that can improve efficiency and speed production times.

IoT is also continuing to evolve. As more products come online, new sources of data will be created. By staying apprised of new development that could be leveraged within your company, you can position your business to quickly take advantage of those that offer clear benefits.

To be prepared for change and to ensure your systems are properly managed, you will need a team of highly skilled tech employees focused on big data, Hadoop, and IoT. The recruitment professionals at ITStaff are experts in providing professionals who specialize in big data analytics and the IoT space. If you are looking for strong candidates to join your team, allowing you to make the most of the data you have today and will have tomorrow, contact us and let us put our expertise to work for you.

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