Open Source Software and Digital Disruption


The speed at which software-oriented solutions enter the marketplace seem only to be accelerating and, in many cases, disrupts previously stable industries across the country. Advances in software have crippled less technologically advanced competitors in key markets including how movies are enjoyed in homes across the country, how people find transportation through cities, and how consumers buy products across multiple retail sectors.

While these advances aren’t entirely based on increased access to open source software solutions, they have driven more businesses to realize the value of software-based delivery of their products. And companies looking to develop solutions quickly are turning to open source software to accelerate their timelines.

Understanding Open Source

Open source software is defined as code that is accessible to anyone interested in using it. It is available for public viewing, can be contributed to and altered by anyone, and redistributed for the use of others. In cases where new solutions must be developed to keep a company competitive, open source removes the need to start a project from scratch. The foundational code can be found that meets certain needs. Then, it can simply be adjusted to achieve more specific goals.

This approach to development can be ideal for companies that can’t locate off-the-shelf solutions that contain all of the features and functionality they desire. Often, packaged products provide limited, if any, capacity for the business to make changes on their own, as the source code is owned by another party. Open source solutions remove this barrier.

Accelerated Development

In a time when unemployment among IT professionals, and software developers specifically, is especially low, using open source software can allow a business to do more even if the number of skilled staff members is lower than ideal.

While open source-oriented developers still require a high level of skill and experience, it removes the need to start the software development process from the beginning. Additionally, less time has to be dedicated to building a framework, allowing more attention to be directed towards details and customization.

Developers can also create closed source features associated with open source foundations. This allows proprietary developments to be constructed, and even monetized, without having to create the entire solution internally.

Digital Disruption

More companies are striving to create solutions that allow them to be the next Amazon, Netflix, or Uber. These companies created digitally-oriented offerings that changed how goods and services are accessed, and many of their followers fail to reach the same level of success. Open source solutions can allow more companies to explore new solutions, positioning themselves to be the next company to change how certain industries function on a large scale.

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