Mark Norris, CEO
“I believe to excel in business you have to enjoy what you do and to have a passion to do it to the very best of your abilities.”

Organizations invariably go through change at some point in time or another. New technologies have created the need for updating existing solutions in order to manage certain processes. This requires man power so that efficient utilization of resources can be carried out and productivity can be maintained. Thus, it’s clear that appointing employees according to their ability, talent, and aptitude is essential for successful business operations.

ITStaff is one such company dedicated to helping organizations achieve their business goals by providing high quality and cost-effective contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire staffing services. ITStaff supports the software development life cycle for companies of all sizes by delivering highly-qualified management and technical resources for companies across the nation. “Our mission is to demonstrate that there’s value to old-school staffing and customer service that cannot be garnered through vendor managed services (VMS) and other non-relational mechanisms that are commonplace today.”

The company’s concept came about in early 2002, shortly after Y2K and at the tail-end of the dot-com era. The IT industry, as a whole, was on a down-turn as companies pulled back on spending after significant investments into Y2K. The technology bubble burst, in part, due to speculative investments into tech start-ups and the IPO investment frenzy and then the 911 catastrophe occurred, putting further strain on the economy and IT investments. The timing wasn’t right for starting a new staffing venture, so the idea was temporarily shelved.

Let’s meet the leader who made it happen, Managing Partner Mark Norris

Mark Norris began his career in the healthcare sector as an information technologist. Later, he gained valuable experiences in business development, recruiting and major account sales providing managed IT, hosting services, enterprise software POCs and integrations, IT staffing solutions and culminating in his role as a major account executive for a global technology outsourcing solutions firm, managing the healthcare division of their largest global client.

In 2009, Mr. Norris leveraged his background by launching the business that has become ITStaff. His vision consisted of taking the good and valuable aspects of technology services gleaned over his career and establishing a sales-driven IT staffing firm built on a customer service-centric foundation providing both clients and professional staff with a positive engagement experience. That vision, combined with the industry’s leading guarantee has enabled ITStaff to quickly grow into a well-respected, and highly successful technology firm that continues to attract clients and consultants alike desiring to engage with a company that delivers on the staffing promise.

In 2008, Mark was employed with one of the largest global outsourcing companies when he realized that he was doing many of the same activities, and investing the same amount of time, as he would be running his own business. Arguably, the timing was worse for starting a business than2002, but with the additional experience gained over that time, he determined it was now or never if he was to start his own venture. ITStaff achieved success relatively quickly and Mark is convinced that relationships were undeniably crucial to its success. According to Mark, “I try to treat people like I want to be treated, but you don’t always know what perception or impression you’re making. When ITStaff launched, former colleagues and past clients reached out congratulating me and wanting to reestablish business ties. I was truly amazed; it was a blessing I hadn’t counted on or expected, but it made all the difference in the world.” Those friends provided opportunities that were instrumental to the success of ITStaff and Mark makes it known how truly appreciative he is to those who put their trust in him.

Making the task of hiring easier and efficient

ITStaff’s information technology sales and recruiting professionals average over 20 years of technology staffing industry experience. Their knowledge and expertise gives them the ability to deliver exceptional service and quality to their clients while helping technical professionals to realize their IT careers goals. They leverage their hard-won knowledge with a thorough understanding of employer requirements and a rigorous vetting process to match organizations with in-demand technical talent who are open to exploring a change in their careers. At the same time, they’re every bit as diligent with the professionals they work with by providing professional help and advice as they look to advance their careers.

The ITStaff team is passionate about delivering ideal and talented professionals for their client’s projects, each and every time. Their multi-step process takes into account the most important requirements and aspects of the position from the view of the hiring manager as they carry out the match making process.

Staffing solutions to achieve excellence

Hiring managers oversee projects with deadlines and with business executives who rely on them to deliver projects on time and on budget. ITStaff’s sales and recruiting team pay close attention to what their clients are asking for and then deliver IT talent ranging from business analysts and Java developers to IT strategy consultants and data scientists in response to the requirements of the position. They take pride in delivering dead-on accurate IT staffing solutions for positions across the SDLC for cloud, IoT and big data projects that their clients undertake. They provide each resource along with a two-month unconditional money-back guarantee, which gives the hiring manager significant upside with little to no down-side risk.

According to Mark, when ITStaff first offered their IT staffing performance guarantee, they realized that they were setting high expectations with their customers. They’ve consistently met those expectations by helping many brand-recognizable companies meet their information technology staffing challenges. “There are companies and managers who buy on price alone, and in those circumstances ITStaff is probably not the best fit. Almost every company and manager we work with recognizes and values business relationships built on a foundation of trust. They know that we have their success at heart and that we strive to provide quality and cost-effective talent that’s a great fit for their team and the success of their projects.”


Via The Silicon Review Magazine, June 2017.