About Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather is the market leader in high-quality, “over-engineered” leather products. The company hails from Texas and their tagline, “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”, is a testament to the high standards of quality they put into each and every product they make; each backed by an astounding 100-year warranty.

The Saddleback brand attracts a rabid and loyal customer base that typically purchases more than one product and more often than not, collects numerous products in multiple colors. To satisfy the desires and demands of their customers, Saddleback is consistently designing new leather products that are a combination of form and function and undeniable ruggedness.

The Challenge

One of the top challenges for a market leader is to continually evolve and operate more efficiently without sacrificing quality.  To do so requires talented individuals in strategic positions throughout the company, not the least of which are executive and managerial positions.

“We needed to fill a position within our company that is key to meeting our long-term vision and goals”, said Dave Munson, President of Saddleback Leather. “After giving it a go on our own with no success, we put out an appeal to our network of customers and other business contacts to see if we could come up with any leads”.

This is how Dave came to know about Mark Norris and his staffing and executive search background.

The Solution

“Mark presented several high-quality candidates to our team, but one person in particular checked off all of our boxes and shared our company values”. Not having the right person in this critical position had kept Saddleback from attempting certain things and going in directions they had wanted to explore. “We’re now able to take our foot off the break and go into new areas for our company since hiring this individual; he’s kind with people, but serious about the business. I don’t think Mark realizes how greatly God used him and his expertise to answer our prayers.  I appreciate Mark and I highly recommend him and his company to any executive team looking to find and hire strategic individuals to take their company’s growth to the next level.” ~ Dave Munson, El Presidente – Saddleback Leather Company


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