By Emma Grace Brown

Business in the tech industry has been booming, and constant innovation means regular demand for IT professionals. The industry has its ups and downs, and as new tech comes in, old tech falls by the wayside. However, there are lots of opportunities for those willing to focus on continuous development. ITStaff can help you find your career path in IT across the U.S.


Usually, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. The common areas of study you’d need for a job in this field are computer administration, IT system analysis, Information security, research, or data networking.
However, different fields in IT have different requirements. For example, according to government statistics, scientists in this field have a minimum requirement of a master’s degree. However, for a programming position, a bachelor’s degree is usually sufficient.

Available Job Types

With an educational background in computer science or IT, you’ll have many roles available to you. These include programming, technical support, web design, and computer engineering. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 13% increase in demand for these professionals within the next decade.

In positions where you’re likely to fill a support role, there are a few skills that you should focus on cultivating. These include listening skills, writing skills, and customer service skills. These soft skills can’t be automated and are a worthwhile investment.

Job Hunting

Demand across the country is very high. For example, as part of one of the biggest metroplexes in the nation, Dallas has lots of IT opportunities. The first step is narrowing down your search. Sectors vary from health IT to civil service to corporate network management, and your major and your interests will influence which industry you can work in.

Work experience is a significant advantage when job hunting. IT is a flexible field, and as such, you can easily gain experience by volunteering or interning. While at it, make sure to invest in a few extra tech skills.


Earning a living through IT isn’t restricted to employment. The flexibility of the field lends itself to entrepreneurship. Today’s major tech conglomerates — Apple, Google, and Microsoft — started up because a few tech professionals decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship and take independence into their own hands.

IT business owners benefit greatly from owning their businesses for many reasons:

Flexible locations. You can start your business from anywhere, mainly because you’re offering services delivered at the clients’ sites. For example, Microsoft began in a garage space.
Demand is rising and recession-proof. The need for IT support has only risen over the years, even with obstacles such as recessions and global pandemics.
Self-establishment. With an IT business, you can establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche.

The LLC structure is a great option for a tech startup because it allows for multiple owners. It also helps prevent double taxation while protecting you from liability.

A Career in IT

A successful career in IT depends on your educational background and soft skills. Focus on cultivating skills that can’t be automated so that your skillset remains relevant. Consider entrepreneurship as an option that can grant you flexibility and freedom in your practice.

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